医療法人福智会 すずかけクリニック

てんかん・統合失調症・うつ病治療 名古屋・今池の精神科クリニック


〒464-0850 名古屋市千種区今池 5-19-12



国際てんかん学会(in バンコク)に参加しました





From June 23 to 25, we participated in the International Epilepsy Congress held in Bangkok, Thailand. Experts from all over the world gathered and set up booths to introduce their initiatives. We, Purple Day Asia, appealed about “Purple Day” explaining various activities in Japan and Asia using posters and pictures, and handed the Purple Day goods, handmade by epilepsy patients. The visitors listened intently when we told them about the significance of Purple Day. By talking with medical staffs and NGOs, we also learned about the situation of epilepsy medical care and awareness activities in each country.

As always, Purple Man, our symbol of Purple Day, appeared and took photos with people who came to our booth. He also went out to other booths time to time and appealed our existence, fully demonstrating his role as a source of power to spread awareness and to fight stigma. Purple Man was full of energy, always surrounded by a lot of people and making them smile. It reminded us that even though he is a Nagoya original character, Purple Man has the power to energize people all around the world. As we were able to spread the activities of Purple Day Asia to many people, it was a very meaningful conference.

We had, and will continue to have, a lot of activities this year. On March 26th, we held Purple Day Japan Dream Party at the Disney Resort. In December, we are planning to participate in another international conference, this time in Baltimore, USA. We will continue to do our best to convey the significance and value of Purple Day to more and more people, to eliminate prejudice against epilepsy.








Dr. Kanemoto and Dr. Fukuchi has commented on the “Nami no kai”  paper “Oonami”.

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Suzukake clinic was introduced in the newspaper Chubu Keizai Shimbun on April 11th.

~English Translation Below~

Suzukake clinic is located in a quiet corner in Imaike in Nagoya city. It was opened as a Psychiatric and Psychosomatic clinic 10 years ago. It has several offices such as day care and employment training in the same building.

Director Fukuchi Toshihiko is a specialist in epilepsy. Epilepsy might seem an well-known disease, but Dr Fukuchi says that it its reality is little known.

Most people might imagine that people with epilepsy have seizures that faints and falls down. However, there are few people that actually collapses. Many are still standing or sitting even while they are losing consciousness.

Some might think that epilepsy is a disease for children, but as Dr Fukuchi says, “Epilepsy can often start after age 65. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from dementia, and these could happen at the same time. In this case, the initial response can be very difficult.”
Epilepsy is completly different from dementia, so the medical care and treatment is differs too. “Even doctors sometimes do not know well about epilepsy. Informing medical staff about them is also an task.”

Becase epilepsy is widely misunderstood, patients sometimes are unaccepted in the local society. If the patients themselves understand their condition well, and the people around them know what to do when a seizure occures, then the patients should not have much trouble with their daily lives. The misbelief that people with epilepsy must quit their jobs, and that they cannot marry or have children, is driving the patients into the shadows.

The Suzukake clinic also owns an apartment in Nagoya, where patients can practice living by themselves. By making them more confident, they can have an easier life. Dr Fukuchi emphasizes that “Recovery”, to let people decide for themselves, and to live independently even if they have an handicap, is important in epilepsy care.

As a part of an project to spread correct understanding of epilepsy, there is a campaign called “Purple Day”, on March 26th. It aims to encourage people with epilepsy. This year Dr Fukuchi himself participated in the event in Sakae, wearing a purple Tshirt.

Near the clinic, there is also the Cafe “Sunshin”, and the Jazz Bar “Imago”, both an workplace for patients. “Of course, medical treatment is important, but to make the patients lead their lives more smoothly is also our job”, Dr Fukuchi says.






Purple Man has now become a delicious cookie! 

He is a character of Purple Day, a worldwide epilepsy awareness campaign.

Purple Man will continue to support people with epilepsy.